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The Story of  Braddock Ranch

It takes more than a hat to be a cowboy and more than cows to be a cattle rancher. For over twenty-five years, Jason Schultz has been both. For four generations, the Schultz's have worked the land and cared for their livestock. The core principles of Braddock Ranch's operations, can be traced to Jason's great-grandfather, grandfather and father, all who worked family farms in Saskatchewan where Jason was raised. 

In 1993, Jason  purchased his first two cows, Royal Queen Mother (42M) and Birdie of Beaver Springs (32B) from John Pauliuk at Beaver Springs Angus Ranch. The herd increased again in 1995, with the purchase of three more cows , Royal Eleute (16M), Benlock Erica Tom (6N) and Wilbar Barbara (14N) from Jake Willms of Wilbar Farms. Jason acquired an additional fourteen head from Brandl Cattle Company in Alberta just a few years later.

Moving  operations in 2017, Braddock Ranch currently spans 3,000 acres in the Rural Municipality of Armstrong in the Interlake region in the province of Manitoba. The Ranch is home to a growing healthy heard of  elite  registered  Aberdeen Angus cattle. Braddock Ranch is committed to respectful care of the environment and our livestock . The coffee is always on, and we welcome you to visit soon.

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