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Herd Sires from Braddock Ranch

For over twenty-five years, Braddock Ranch has selected the finest high performance,  genetics, scrotal  circumferences, natural thickness, perfect feet and legs with longevity, calving ease, dispositions, eye appeal and style and carcass traits. Proving that performance, power and perfection never go out of style.
Hoff Limited 
Edition SC 594
trapper paintrock .jpg
Paintrock Trapper

New to Braddock - calves available in the spring of 2020

An easing fleshing bull who adds body capacity, superior quality feet and legs,  maternal genetics 

RB Tour of Duty 177 - Mature.jpg
RB Tour of Duty 

A curve bender sire, he is naturally big footed, structurally sound. His prodigy are docile and have added length and incredible capacity and performance making him the number one bull in 2017 for registrations.  

mohnen south 402.jpg
Mohnen South Dakota

Progeny are very impressive. They are unparalleled consistent cattle with depth of body, quarter and overall length. These calves have excellent dispositions and structural soundness.  

mohnen dynamite.jpg
Mohnen Dynamite

A proven go-to sire with many daughters in production here at Braddock. Cattle with consistent eye-appeal, length, depth of quarter, perfect udders,  His daughters continue to produce the biggest calves.

sav final answer 0035.jpg
SAV Final Answer

Final Answer continues to be a proven leader here at Braddock Ranch. Unequal calving ease.

Royal Stockman

Unparalleled perfection as demonstrated in 1994 when his 8 year old son, Royal Added Value (pictured below), was selected as National Grand Champion at the Royal Agricultural Society of England Show. Once again proving longevity never goes out of style!

royal added value.jpg
SAV Net Worth

A consistent performer producing outstanding prodigy. Used in our embryo program - a time proven, well known sire with and outstanding reputation.

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